Hello, I am Elaine Sklom, the owner/manager, of Cruiser’s Travel LLC and I thank you for visiting. 

I developed my love for travel as a child when my family would visit Greece every three years for two to three months to visit my grandparents.  Visiting in Europe allowed me to see other countries and sites.  A good nickname for me would be Aliti, which in Greek means wanderer or vagabond.  I have traveled to Canada, Mexico and other countries also. I continually strive to offer my clients the best service when it comes to planning travel. I am constantly involved in some form of continuing education and I pride myself on my knowledge of the travel and cruise industry.

Cruiser’s Travel works with all the major cruise lines that travel the oceans and rivers of the world.  In addition I work with companies that can provide tours, both escorted and customized, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, trains, other travel products and groups. I serve people looking for advice as to what products, destinations and activities would best suit their travel wishes and to save them time, frustration and book the best vacation for them.  Vacations are meant to be memorable, fun, relaxing and as active as you wish or as sedentary as you wish.  I encourage individual research when contacting me but let me review your findings to see if they are the right fit for you.  Not all cruise lines, tour companies and hotels are for everyone.

I am a Certified Travel Associate and an Accredited Cruise Counselor.  The Certified Travel Associate certification is from The Travel Institute and required months of study and taking of a proctored test.  The Accredited Cruise Counselor certification issued by the Cruise Lines International Association was obtained through course study, trade show attendance, experience of the products, ship inspections and bookings. I have traveled on over 30 cruises, visiting a variety of ports and experiencing many ships and lines in the industry and participated in familiarization tours of multiple products.

Favorite Places: Hands down… Greece with any Caribbean Island coming in a close second!  “I love the charm, food and culture of Greece.  There is a certain romance about traveling to this beautiful, historic country.  The people are warm and gracious. For sun and beach though, nothing beats the island sounds, warm sun and tropical breezes of the Caribbean”.

Hobbies and family:  Whenever I can I love traveling and reading.  I suppose you could also say I like techie things too.  My parents are still alive and doing pretty good considering they are 90 and 88 this year. I have a married brother and a sister-in-law that takes bike trips to Europe and in the US with her sister every year, a nephew who lives in Panama trying to start a hydroponics farm and a tree farm and a married niece who has blessed us with twins and is going back to school.  My baby is a two-year old long-haired Chihuahua.

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