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There’s something to be said about taking a cruise and being at sea, visiting tropical islands, dining on delicious cuisine and enjoying exciting entertainment.  A cruise vacation has so much to offer. There are cruises for every taste and lifestyle out there.  But there is more to travel than cruises like all-inclusive resorts, land tours and trains.

Elaine at Cruiser’s Travel and Tours is your cruise-planning expert and travel professional. Having a dedicated travel professional on your side allows you take advantage of her expertise and insider’s knowledge.  The role of a travel agent has changed; the travel professional is now your adviser to help you make sense of all the information available on the internet.  She helps you match the product and destination to your travel needs and wants.  Do your research, but let us review it to make sure it fits your travel plans correctly for you to make sure your vacation is full of lasting, happy memories.

So whether you’re looking for a Caribbean adventure, a cruise through the rivers of Europe or Asia or even a land-based vacation to a tropical locale, Elaine will not only plan the details, she works to find the best deals and makes the best recommendations for her clients.

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    Tired of seeing just the Caribbean?  How about trying a river cruise? River cruises are available in the United States and Europe.

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