Conferences and/or Seminars at Sea

Seminars at sea and meetings at sea are a great way to change up the norm about training.  Wouldn’t your employees want a mini-vacation, possibly with their families, while they work?

Incentive programs have been proven to increase sales, boost productivity, retain employees, hold on to top talent, promote teamwork, and decrease employee turnover. The International Society for Performance Improvement has found that incentive programs often increase the individual performance by 22% and team performance by 44%. Corroborating this success, the Incentive Marketing Association’s Recognition Council found that companies using travel as an incentive had employees that outperformed companies that did not by 30%-40%.

Why a Cruise?

A cruise experience is the ultimate motivator because, no matter how busy your guests are with business or pleasure, they leave rested, relaxed, and inspired to bigger, better, and more successful work.  Guests are treated to impeccable service similar to a first-class resort while traveling from one beautiful and exotic destination to another onboard a cruise ship.  That means your program will be absolutely over-the-top in terms of success–while leaving your bottom line exactly where you want it.

Ships today have facilities that mirror hotels and resorts.  From small board meetings to grand awards presentations (1,000 people), your meeting needs can be met.  Many of the larger ships have designated class and meeting rooms and all of the ships have club and dining spaces that convert to meeting spaces during the day. Some ships are better-equipped than others, but with the right ship and adequate planning, almost anything can be done.

Also, since a ship is a contained environment, you’ll see greater attendance and participation.

A/V Concerns

Cruise ships have a variety of audio-visual equipment available to meet your needs–all at no additional cost.  Additionally, there is on-board staff trained to set everything up and make your meetings as seamless as possible.  We can help you with any of your specialized needs.

Price Comparison

A cruise experience is not merely less expensive than most land-based programs, it is a much better value all around.  Consider that a cruise includes the meeting/breakout rooms, AV Equipment, fabulous meals, evening entertainment, Kids’ clubs, twice-daily maid service, 24-hour room service, health clubs, first run movies, and so much more!  Not only will your organization save money but your guests will enjoy all of these amenities at no extra charge as well!

Tax Deductibility

The 1986 Tax Reform Act still includes deductions for business travel using “Luxury Water Transportation.”  This clause pre-dates air travel and is now an underutilized option in the tax code. As with any tax concern, we suggest you discuss it with your tax advisor,

Chartering a Ship

Chartering a ship can be a terrific solution to your group needs and offers fantastic benefits allowing you a completely customized experience.  Cruise ships come in a variety of sizes and we can help you select the most appropriate ship for your group.

Activities for Traveling Family Members

Many new ships have elevated cruising to an entirely new level with fabulous features such as ice skating rinks, bumper cars, hoops, rock climbing walls, tennis, miniature golf, outdoor movies, casinos, and so much more.  There are state-of-the art health clubs, virtual reality game rooms, kids clubs, adult areas, and family swimming.  There is dancing and night clubs.  So your employees can still enjoy family time during their business trip without worrying about how to keep the family entertained.

Ships are truly like small cities and you can do whatever you want.  Whether you want an active experience or just want to enjoy a quiet book with a view of the sea–it will be an experience long remembered.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at: or 941-979-9798.  

Contact us to help you have that great vacation.

Happy traveling!

Elaine Sklom

Cruiser’s Travel and Tours

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