Packing It All In A Personal Item Bag

It is possible to vacation with only a 16x14x12-inch bag. So get out your ruler, start packing and prepare to dodge those carry-on baggage fees!Carry-on Luggage

Use Your Pockets

Use a jacket or sweatshirt with large pockets since you will need to remove your jacket at security. Make the most of the pockets by packing any items you’ll use during the flight, such as books, snacks, and music devices.

Excluded Items

Umbrellas, cameras, infant diaper bags, and outer garments such as hats and coats do not count toward your baggage allowance.  So stuff the pockets of the coats too.  Bassinets, child car seats, strollers, and wheelchairs are accepted as checked baggage at no charge.

Reuse Clothing

Coordinate outfits to easily mix and match. Packing neutral-colored clothes (like blacks, whites and grays) make it easy. Pack interchangeable tops and bottoms to help create infinite combinations.

Pack the Right Fabrics

Pick knits over woven items and opt for blended fabrics.  Those with a bit of spandex or polyester avoid wrinkles when packing.

Do a Load of Laundry

Washing, whether by hand, at the hotel, on the cruise ship or around the corner at a laundromat, is a quick way to get more mileage out of the same outfits.

Leave Some of the Toiletries Behind

Hotels and cruise lines most of the time provide soap, shampoo and conditioner in your room. Many hotels also offer extras such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and shaving cream on request. So no need for packing these items too.

Check, and Recheck, the Weather

Wear your bulkiest clothing items (pants, coat, sunhat or baseball cap, and shoes) on the plane.  Pack smaller, lighter items such as your t-shirts, shorts, swimsuit and sandals. Skip the items you can go without or that you can find at your destination, such as hair dryers.

Use Compression Bags

Try putting your clothes in a compression bag to reduce the volume.  This helps you fit more in less space.  It may even free up space for extra items or for souvenirs you want to bring back.  These can be found at Walmart’s or Dollar Tree and other stores or online.

Ship Ahead

Although this costs, the cost is usually more reasonable than the airline charge, depending on the carrier. You can use UPS, USPS or another carrier.  There are companies specializing in this service also.  This frees you from having to worry about lugging everything during your flight.  This is also a good option to consider for any souvenirs.

Pack Nothing

Bring an empty backpack or small duffel with you for the return trip to hold anything you bought.  There are nice foldable suitcases that work too. Purchasing necessities at your destination may be more expensive, but it’s also a great way to ensure you bring home useful souvenirs rather than a bunch of trinkets.

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