BUND_01If you love to write or tell a story, why not blog.  Blogging is a great way to tell people about your travels, your life, your inspirations and your successes.  It’s easy and it could become a means for financial benefit.  Ever thought of blogging for someone else?  You can be a guest blogger for a travel agency telling about a trip you just took to a great place and the memories you made.  Tell people what you saw and did and include pictures.  Just be yourself when you’re writing.

There are also sites on the internet where people can go to hire people to write blogs for them.  Maybe you can sign up with those sites and get paid for writing blogs for other people.


There are various training programs out there to teach you how to blog as far as format, SEO, hosting and setting up a website for your blog.  The training I found to be very helpful and complete was The Blogging Ingredients with Chef Katrina. As a travel agent I found this great from start to finish.  It tells you how to obtain a website through WordPress that you own, covering widgets, themes, security, SEO and various other things to make the most of your blog website.  It explains how to get your blog website hosted through various sources.

There are about six (6) modules that explain various things like:

  • Blogging Mindset
  • Domain secrets
  • Keyword planning
  • Themes, widgets, plugins
  • Formatting
  • Facebook marketing and Twitter Feed
  • Capture Pages like from Aweber

These modules are constantly being updated.

So if you love to write or tell a story why not start blogging.  I would love to read some of your blogs about fantastic places you have visited.  And, with your permission, maybe use them on my site.  Send your blogs or comments to elaine@cruiserstravel.net

So, start blogging!

Cruiser’s Travel LLC

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